Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hobby Jogging: June '11 - Winston-Salem, NC - Twin City Track Club Summer Track Series

As many of my running friends know, I've been perpetually injured for quite some time. I had to pull out of this years' Boston Marathon (due to extreme shin splints) and have been pretty touch and go since then. I took a month off and biked and then began to run two days a week for the next month (before the doctor recommended I take 4-6 more weeks off). This month I've been trying to run four days a week and am still battling shin splints and sore hamstrings. They are feeling better though. I look forward to the day when I don't have to wear calf sleeves to run!

That in mind, I've hopped in the Twin City Track Club's Wednesday Summer Track Series, just for fun, to see what I could do, the last two Wednesdays. I've done both to get ready for the Ultimate Runner this Saturday; an event where you run the mile, 800, 400, 100 and 5k (on the road/trail) within a few hours, then go grab beers at a local pub. The event is on it's 25th year and I couldn't pass it up, even if I may die in the 5k!

Calf Sleeve Tan!
Last Wednesday, June 15th, I decided to hop in the 800. I still want to run a sub-5:00 mile this summer and my goal was to run sub-2:30 (and possibly 2:28 as a stretch). I did an easy 2-mile jog warm up, 4 strides, and felt like crap. The whistle blew and I was out in 5th or 6th place. I started to move up before being passed by a baby jogger with 500 to go. Went through the 400 in 75 before catching my second wind. Two guys were right on my back and I started kicking pretty good from 300 out. By the time I hit the final hundred, I was a clear 4th and crossed the finish in 2:27 high, achieving my goal. Barely! But splitting 75, 72 gave me reason to be hopeful.

This week (June 22nd), I decided to run the 3200 (aka the high school 2-mile). I got there late due to a work meeting running late, but was able to get in a 3/4 mile jog and 2 strides before lining up. Felt great from the gun and immediately went to the lead, running the first 400 in 81-ish. At this point, I thought I'd just be counting down laps. It was 90 degrees and about 1200 in, the wind began to pick up. So I made it through the mile in 5:34 before really having to fight the wind down the backstretch and rogue 6-year olds running onto the track on the front. The second mile wasn't sexy, but I did win the race in 11:33. This was 21 seconds faster than my 3200 tempo the week before, so progress is being made. I just hope it comes back fast!

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  1. Nothing wrong with that 800 time and a 5:34 first mile in a "2 mile" in hot and windy conditions. It's good you're getting back at it and you are progressing. I hope to be running with you again soon. That ultimate runner does not sound easy at all but something different and a challenge.