Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eugene Diary: Part 6, Final Thoughts

2011 Pre Classic Program
As I fly back to Raleigh via Chicago (via Portland), I can't help but think what a great weekend this was in Eugene. I can truly see now why it's called Track Town USA.

First off, I need to thank (Oregon grad) Kevin from the House of Run podcast for giving me all kinds of advice on Eugene; from where to run to where to eat to where to grab a beer. I dug into all of his suggestions and enjoyed them all (Track Town Pizza mostly).

Next, the Track Focus guys, Jim and Doug, were very hospitable and I had a blast talking track with them in the press box. If you're looking for a house in Eugene, Jim's got a great one for sale that's about 3/4 mile from Hayward Field.

Track Town Pizza, great 'za
Finally, I'd like to thank Jeff Oliver with the Prefontaine Classic for allowing me the chance to be part of the media. A top notch event all around. I'm not going to lie, I was a little bummed out after the meet ended on Saturday. I wasnt ready to say goodbye. Despite some shin troubles of late, I put the trainers and tempos on one more time and headed out for a good 10k fartlek on Pre's Trail before heading back to Portland.

As my car was parked on 22nd, I had to pass Hayward on my way back from Pre's Trail, where I decided to take a chance. I could see they were breaking down all of the equipment associated with putting on a Diamond League event and I also saw the gates open on the back side of the track. I jogged on in looking as nonchalant as a topless, white male in his (early) thirties can look and did a slow jog up to the 400 start in lane 5 before taking off! I ran the first curve relaxed with my head on a swivel before hitting the backstretch hard. I cruised the Bowerman curve before going into a full sprint over the final 100 to finish my stealth 400 at Hayward in 67.

3 of 4 headlines are Track!
As I jogged off, I got a bunch of big smiles; from the technical crew to a girl on the Oregon team that was getting ready to work out. They knew what I was up to!

I laughed and jogged the half mile down Agate back to my car, and at this point, I was pretty tired. I grabbed a Clif Bar and a Vitamin Water and proceeded to watch some locals play Ultimate Frisbee in the park while I stretched before making the trip back up the I-5 to Portland. What a trip, almost like a dream!

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  1. I'm so envious of your trip! Amazing! Glad you got in a run on the track!