Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where I've been lately (and where I'm going!)

Birthday was six months ago, but that's a sweet cake, right?
Hey folks! It's been a little while since I posted here. Thanks for following me over to the Daily Relay. Over the past six weeks, I've enjoyed contributing two articles a week to what is becoming an excellent site.

I was also a little too close to the situation in the recent shooting at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. This and the grind of flying twice a week for the past 2.5 years has helped me make the decision to get off the road!

Oh yeah, and later this year (or early next), I plan to tackle a 50 miler to try and qualify for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. It's real if I put it online, so I'm gonna go for it. Injuries have plagued me, but I can run slow for a long time, without too much pain!

What's on my upcoming schedule?
*I'll be available for stringer and freelance work for all of these. If interested, email me

Here are some of the articles I've written for "The Mixed Zone" at the Daily Relay:
And here are some of the "5 Questions" interviews I've done:

Hope to see many of you this summer! Happy Trails! Pat Price

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