Friday, June 1, 2012

Prefontaine Classic Press Conference: Interview with Bernard Lagat

Bernard Lagat kicks for the win at the
2011 USA 5000 Championships
(photo: TrackAndFieldPhoto)
The press conference for the 38th Prefontaine Classic was today at the Valley River Inn in Eugene. I was lucky enough to spend five plus minutes with one of the legends of our sport, Bernard "Kip" Lagat.

I asked him about three things:

1. His relationship with Augustine Choge (in reference to Choge's praise of him in his 5 Questions with feature)

"He is always there: when you're doing track workouts, when you need a guy to help you in a time trial or to run tempo. He's a nice guy. Down to earth and so disciplined."

2. How he and Coach Li select people for their training group

"It is the hardest process to get in. We have a unique way of training."

3. How he has helped mentor the younger Kenyans, in reference to the Kenyan 10,000 Trials tonight

"I remember Asbel Kiprop used to be so shy until I gave him a few tips. Silas Kiplagat and Asbel come for advice. I share with the American runners and the Kenyans."

Lagat also had a great line when meet director Tom Jordan asked him if he still enjoys running the 1500 and Mile (as he'll run the Bowerman Mile tomorrow):  "They’re always fun, because they’re not as slow as the 5000 meters"

Listen to my full interview by clicking here to download the mp3

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  1. So awesome you got to interview Lagat! Look at you Mr big time Track and Field reporter!