Monday, May 23, 2011

Things I Like: The Track & Field Superfan Blog

In my opinion, the best blog about the sport of Track & Field out there right now is Jesse Squire's "Track & Field Superfan" blog. I first heard some of Jesse's takes on the House of Run podcast and quickly added him on the Twitter machine and soon after traveled over to his blog to read many of his great posts. One you will want to read every week is his "Monday Morning Decathlete" offering where he recaps the weeks events and any hot buttons topics, like the Doug Logan situation, Stephanie Hightower's possible desire to be CEO and Dick Ebersol's departure from NBC so very close to the Olympics. His Track on TV and the Web section is an excellent place to find when the Diamond League meets are or the latest showing of Endurance. So if you're interested in the latest T&F news, stop on over the the newly branded You won't regret it!

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