Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A reason to join LinkedIn

The human centipede world record was broken this past weekend at the 100th annual Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco, CA. Before you pass judgement on something that seems silly, you have to realize Team LinkedIn (click the link for more photos), put together put by LinkedIn staffer Armen Vartanian, ran 37:00, which works out to 4:56 mile pace or 15:25 5k pace. No matter how fast the guys on the team are indiviually, this is an amazing feat. They "roped in" a lot of pros in the last few miles as well. One well oiled machine if you ask me!

For those asking what a centipede is, here are the key rules:

  1. A centipede consists of 13 connected individuals & a max of 2 unconnected alternates (floaters).
  2. The first person in each centipede to cross the finish line determines the finishing time for all 13 individuals in the centipede and the official finishing time for that centipede.
  3. There must be 13 CONNECTED FINISHERS in a centipede to win or place.
  4. The centipede must be no more than 60 feet long, allowing at least four feet between leg segments. 
So good luck to those trying to take that down next year. What an accomplishment! And if you need to pad your LinkedIn stats, here's the link to add me (full disclosure: the fastest 5k I've run in the past year is 17:29, so I probably can't help your team next year)

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