Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swiss Hammer Thrower Martin Bingisser tweets a mouthful about the current USATF CEO situation

Swiss Hammer Thrower and International Tax Attorney Martin Bingisser brought some light to the odd USATF CEO situation this morning with a short tweet:

"Stephanie Hightower, on behalf of the board, pledged transparency with their blog last fall. Now 0 updates in 7 months."

For those of you not sure of what he is talking about, he is referring to Stephanie Hightower's last blog post on September 28, 2010. After the debacle that was the firing of former USATF CEO, Doug Logan, Hightower (and the rest of the USATF Board) promised to "pledge transparency, focus and open-mindedness as we all, together, pursue a better future. It's a future where unity, not divisiveness, pushes us ahead."

Now with word from Olympic writer Philip Hersh saying that it's ``very possible'' that Hightower could move from board chair to CEO of U.S. track," things seem anything but transparent. Not sure what is yet to come, but things should be a lot more concrete with the World Championships ahead this year and the London Olympics next.

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