Friday, November 2, 2012

My offer to NYC Marathon runners

It's official. The NYC Marathon is canceled. I hope all the resources allotted for the race will now go to help rebuild the city as fast as possible. I hope the holding area in Staten Island is used as a safe haven for those that have been displaced.

But if you have trained and want to race Sunday (Marathon, Half Marathon or 10k), come down to Raleigh, NC.

Here's what I can offer:

1. Ride to and from the airport (RDU) on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

2. Recommendations for cheap lodging near the start of the race (Days Inn a mile from the start/finish is $60)

3. A great post race party at the Busy Bee Cafe (they are having a pasta dinner Saturday night as well)

Here's more information about the race: City of Oaks Marathon (I'll be running the 4-man relay for Capital RunWalk)

I'm dead serious. If interested, email me at (or call me to work out logistics)

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  1. Pat, thanks for your generous offer. I was never running NYCM but I know many runners appreciate it and I am trying to convince them to take you up on it!

  2. Laura, Thanks for the note. Definitely have them get in touch! The running community here is great and is happy to help.

  3. If the race offered day of registration and packet pickup I would be on a flight. But the flights arriving in the morning are significantly more expensive.
    Or, if Bloomberg had canceled earlier, I could have flown on Friday.

    Thank you for your hospitality and I extend the same to you if you race in San Diego.

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