Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest host on the House of Run Podcast

The best shirt in Track & Field podcast history!
With Jason Halpin recovering from knee surgery, I channeled my inner Colin Kaepernick and joined Kevin Sully on this week's episode of the House of Run podcast. I've raved here about the House of Run before, but it's worth repeating; the House of Run is an excellent weekly podcast that any Track & Field fan should have in their rotation.

Tune into this week's pod here, or better yet, subscribe via iTunes here and listen to Kevin and I chat about the IAAF Athletes of the Year, the Ekiden Relay, World Cross, the Olympic Trials format,  Adam Nelson's potential 2004 Gold Medal, the Usain Bolt/Yohan Blake rivalry, the London bottle thrower, Fukuoka, the Drake Relays, NXN, Foot Locker, and of course, Oscar Pistorius "allegedly" threatening to break a man's legs.

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