Saturday, August 4, 2012

Galen Rupp stole my voice

Mo Farah takes gold, Galen Rupp takes silver and a dejected Kenenisa Bekele stares down at the track in defeat

It's a good thing I'm typing this and not telling you, because my voice is gone. Over the last 500 meters of that memorable Men's 10,000 meter Olympic Final, I yelled, I screamed, and I probably had my neighbors debating on whether or not to call the cops on the guy next door that has been getting up very early this weekend for some odd reason.

It was that good. No. That great. Inspiring for many and validating for Alberto Salazar and his Galen Rupp, ahem, Oregon Project.

For the English and the American fans out there, the race went about as well as it could have. Maybe even better. How did these two guys that train in Portland, Oregon beat up on back-to-back Olympic 10,000 Champion, Kenenisa Bekele? his brother Tariku? and a load of excellent Kenyans? A ton of hard work, that's how.

Now I wonder if Salazar will give them the night off. One would think that they earned it after the Pre Classic, when Farah took the 5000 win in 12:56.98 and Rupp would break the 13 minute for the first time in 12:58.90. No chance. Olympic Finals were their goal, not early June. After the meet ended and many of the journalists were finishing up their stories, Rupp and Farah emerged onto the track to rattle off eight 75 second laps before calling it a day. It wouldn't surprise me that after the fans file out of Olympic Stadium tonight, they'll do the same.

Post-race workouts like this have been more the standard and not the anomaly over the years, as Salazar has crafted Galen Rupp from wunderkind to world class. And think what you want, but adding Farah to train with Rupp over the past few years was just another piece to that puzzle. It has been extremely mutually beneficial to both.

And lucky for us, they'll be toeing the line again Wednesday, August 8th in the 5000 heats, and likely again in the 5000 final on Saturday, August 11th; the final day of track competition.

Bring it on!

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