Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Return of the ever enigmatic Lauren Fleshman

Sweet Relief! (TrackAndFieldPhoto)
Lauren Fleshman could possibly be the easily track athlete to root for in America. Why? Well, there are multiple reasons, but no matter how cool Lauren Fleshman comes off or how entertaining her blog is, the bottom line is, she can run. After her win last year at USATF nationals in the 5000, it seemed as though she was finally healthy and would be a force on the American Distance Running scene once again. Then she got hurt, again.

After what seemed as another full year of rehab, Fleshman was entered in the 2011 USATF 5000 Championships. It didn't go so well, she finished 8th. My, how things have changed in the past six weeks, as at noon today, all signs appear that Fleshman will be tagged to represent Team USA in the 5000 at Daegu. This comes mostly on the strength of her excellent showing at the Aviva Grand Prix in London last Friday, where she ran a dominating last 500m to take the win in a strong 15:00.57, only a second off of her PR.

Almost as exciting as being named to Team USA for the 2011 Track & Field World Championships in Daegu, is the report today, from Ron Bellamy at the Eugene Register Guard, that Fleshman will run the 2011 New York City Marathon in November as well. She mentions she'll be turning 30 in September (30's a good age for a first time marathon) and has seen the way that marathon training has helped people like Desi Davila, when they come back to the track (Speaking of Davila, check out Fleshman's Twitter Icon tribute to Desi today for giving up her spot on the 5000 team).

All this in mind, the future looks very bright for Lauren Fleshman. The "official" announcement of Team USA will be at noon today via USATF and while you're waiting, go pick up some of Fleshman's Picky Bars.

And by the way, this video never gets old:

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