Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hobby Jogging: 7/3/10 - Raleigh, NC - Great Raleigh Road Race

I had a great time running this race last year and decided last minute to hop in again this year in lieu of a scheduled tempo run because the weather was so nice. This year proved to be a good one again. The race got out pretty quick and my legs weren't ready to hammer too hard after racing the mile on Tuesday and doing a fast workout on Thursday. No matter, that wasn't the goal. Let the first group go and tucked in with a guy to roll together through the mile in 5:41-5:42 up Hillsborough.

Lots of turns in the second mile as we wove through the neighborhood between NC State and Cameron Village. Passed one guy about 1.5 miles and ran the tangents of the course really well. Hit the 2 mile around 11:36 and kept trucking up Peace toward the big uphill on West Park. My legs were pretty beat up at this point, but I held serve and went through the 3 mile in 17:35-36. The last mile hurt more than it should have. It started up the hill on West Park and then up the last hill before the finish on Hillsborough. Couldn't really get the legs turning over until the last 400 which I ran in 80 or so to finish in 23:34. This was 36 seconds faster than last year and I felt I didn't have quite as good of race. Nice weather and a well run race. If I'm in Raleigh over the 4th, I'll be doing this one again.

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