Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Questions with Genevieve LaCaze

Genevieve LaCaze was a star at Florida
(photo: Gamedayr)
Today we have our fourth 2012 London Olympics Steepler for 5 Questions with. She's not American, but this tremendous Australian athlete has large ties to the US, as she just capped off an excellent collegiate career at the University of Florida and just signed on with an agent to run professionally.

Genevieve LaCaze had a great collegiate outdoor season, but it got better the week after, when she ran below the Olympic A Standard in the Steeplechase at the American Milers Club High Performance Series in Indianapolis, IN. Unfortunately, it was after Australia had already set their deadline. Luckily, her fans (and family) took to the internet and helped remedy the situation. With the groundswell of support, Athletics Australia overturned their initial decision and #LetLaCazeRun. Follow her on Twitter @GenGen_LaCaze and on Instagram @Gen_Gen_LaCaze

5 Questions with Genevieve LaCaze

1. Writing About Running: Congrats on being selected to the Australian Olympic Team. How much it mean to have all your fans rally around your potential bid?

Genevieve LaCaze: It meant more than I ever could have imagined. You sometimes don't realize the love and support you truly have til something like this takes place. I have an amazing support system, and I guess social media today really helped me out!

2. Writing About Running: You ran the Olympic A Standard at the American Milers Club High Performance Series a week after NCAA's. Did you feel you had that kind of performance in you and what were your immediate thoughts when you hit the A after Australia had set their deadline?

Genevieve LaCaze: I was very lucky to have been approached immediately after my NCAA final by Total Sports (my agency today) because if it wasn't for them, I would have never even known about that race. I was 100% positive I was capable of the time. I had said it all season, I just couldn't get into the right race to allow me to do so. I wrote the splits down on my hand and convinced myself there was no way I shouldn't be hitting them. When I crossed that line in 9 minutes and 41 seconds it was a big sigh of relief but I knew that was only half the battle.

3. Writing About Running: You're from Queensland, Australia, but ran at the University of Florida. How did you end up there?

Genevieve LaCaze: There were a few Aussies in the US before me that I think helped with getting my name out to be recruited however I was never a big fan about coming over initially. When they say parents know best, it isn't a myth. My parents forced that move on me 4 years ago and to this day I will never be able to thank them enough. I love USA.

LaCaze with her first shipment from New Balance Running
(via Instagram)
4. Writing About Running: New Balance recently signed you to a professional contract. How did all of that come together?

Genevieve LaCaze: Again, Total Sports has helped me out there and dealt with all the behind the scenes work. I met with New Balance while in Eugene watching the US Olympic Trials and I am definitely very honored to be onboard with Team New Balance.

5. Writing About Running: You're now onto the next step as a full time runner. What are your plans leading up to the Olympics?

Genevieve LaCaze: I am currently in Teddington, just outside London, training with a few other Aussie athletes. I will head over to Dublin, Ireland for a mile, but that is all I'll be doing before the big one!

And we had one last bonus question...
Writing About Running: Is the Olympic Tattoo on Instagram real?
LaCaze: Haha, you bet. I am digging quite a hole for myself because some particular family members don't know yet but as I said earlier, social media power will let the cat out of the bag in time, if not already....
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  1. That is pretty funny about the tattoo!:)

  2. Thank you for posting these interviews of Olympians. I love reading them and hearing about non-American athletes. I will be rooting for you Genevieve!