Who is Writing About Running?

My running career got started in the early 90's in Charlotte, NC, winning the Eastover Elementary School mile run. I eventually went on to run on the top five in the state cross country team at Providence High School and was an invited walk-on at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Fall of 1997. Injuries kept me from running much in my twenties, but that changed when I turned 30. Within a year of training, I qualified and ran my first Boston Marathon. I even ran on the club team when I was in grad school at ECU. The first professional Track and Field meet I attended was the Pan Africa-USA International Meet that was held at Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, NC in 1994. I've been a fan ever since.

Pat Price
My love for writing began in high school as a staff writer for the school newspaper and continued into my college days, where I was a communications major. Today, it's a hobby that has taken me from Track Town USA for the 2011 Prefontaine Classic to Houston for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials and back to Eugene for the 2012 Olympic Team Track & Field Trials. I look forward to more exciting adventures in the coming years.

I live in Raleigh and will be happy to help you get a mortgage for a home in North Carolina!

Feel free to check out my homepage, patprice.com, or tweet @PatrickPrice. There's a good chance that if a track meet is on TV or online, I'll be watching and writing about it. I am a member of NSSAAIPS and TAFWA. I am also a contributing editor at the Daily Relay.

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