Monday, July 30, 2012

Kip Litton article entitled "Marathon Man" published today in The New Yorker

I woke at 5:30am this morning before my usual Monday flight to LaGuardia to read the article that has been a year in the making; "Marathon Man."

It's an excellent piece from The New Yorker's Mark Singer on good ole Kip Litton. If you are on this blog, you've likely read my piece on Litton from January 2011: "The Outing of Kip Litton". Singer's article takes my findings to a new level and evokes the Stephen Glass New Republic scandal from 1998.

A summary of the article is here and there's a podcast companion piece. But if you would like to read the whole article and don't subscribe to The New Yorker, it is now available in its entirety online!

It's an excellent piece and from trading emails with Singer, I can tell you he was as enthralled as the many Let's Run Message Board posters.

My favorite part of the article is that Singer arranged to meet with Litton after the 2012 Boston Marathon, as both of his sons would be running. Litton was a no show. Singer countered by showing up at Litton's office in Michigan the next day! Ballsy and awesome. He finally did get a sit down with Litton, at Wendy's of all places, and discusses it on the podcast; a must listen after reading the article.

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